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Enhancing Human Interaction
With summer in full swing and much of the world entering a new post-pandemic era, we're checking in to ask that ever-important question, "Who's There?" Perhaps a more timely question for the current moment is "Who's there now, and where do we go from here?"
Through your experience with The TAI Group, you know this is where the work starts -  uncovering who's there. When you lead from a place of who you are instead of who you think you're supposed to be, the results are startling and abundant. We invite you to continue asking the question "Who's There?" as we share with you some new pieces to help you continue that exploration - for yourself, your team, and your brand. We're always eager to hear your thoughts and start a new conversation. If any of the pieces below spark your interest, please let us know by reaching out to us here

THE CHAllenge of a fraction

If companies want more from their people, and people are fueled by bringing their whole selves to every part of their lives, the relationship between corporate demands and human needs has to be rebalanced. It is time for leaders to model the way for their people. While leaders cannot offer the certainty of predictable market forces or the end of the pandemic, they have the chance to offer certainty of a different kind – congruence, consistency, reliability and authenticity.

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A Tale of two intelligences

"It’s real-life that grabs us, isn't it? That’s the other AI – Authentic Intelligence. I think the most compelling leaders and brands understand this on a deep level. All the Artificial Intelligence in the world can't meet the needs of people who are hoping for a broader, more profound connection with humanity as isolation fades."


Our friend, Former Fortune 50 CMO and LinkedIn Influencer, David Edelman, sat down with TAI CEO, Gifford Booth, to chat about the dichotomy between and the synthesis of the worlds of artificial intelligence and authentic intelligence and what it means for leaders in the post-pandemic era.

with age comes new sense of worth

Over the last 18 months, The TAI Group has been working with a cohort of thought leaders in the UK, Canada, and America who believe that age can bring new experiences, new work, new ways of giving back, new ideas, and new friends. Our core belief is that with age comes a new sense of worth.


The Founders of What’s neXT?, a Canada-based digital ecosystem connecting “Transitioners” with opportunities for work, giving back, and learning, have extended a special invitation to participate in their event “Navigating Mid-Life Transition: A Global Conversation of Lived Experiences.”

spotlight on collaboration

In “Cracking the Code of Sustained Collaboration,” Francesca Gino, Harvard Business School professor and author of Rebel Talent: Why It Pays to Break the Rules at Work and in Life, gives tangible examples of how TAI principles such as seeing without preconception, listening without judgment, and investigating for understanding, create continuous partnership and co-creation. We know that these skills, well-practiced, are the key to dynamic leadership, vital teams, and compelling brands.


We will share scholarly articles that illustrate our solutions from time to time.


Curious about how we enhance human interaction? Learn more about our unique approach as we answer questions about: 

• Our roots in the theatre and how that informs how we partner and create with our clients.

• The experience of taking part in our solutions and what it means to step into new awareness and action.

• How our clients create and accelerate the development of "muscle memory" to achieve sustainable change.