TAI Co-Founders, 1996: 

Twila Thompson, Allen Schoer, and Gifford Booth

About Us

The TAI Group is a global human interaction firm, pioneering new directions in the design of action-based, experiential solutions for individuals, teams, and brands. 


We are a team of passionate, creative individuals focused on thinking outside the box to deliver significant human and economic return on investment.

Chapter 1

the actors institute

Founded in New York by three young entrepreneurs with backgrounds in the performing arts, The TAI Group was originally called The Actors Institute. In the early years, the target audience was the theatre community in New York and Los Angeles. 


Not a typical acting school, the company helped actors understand themselves as artists and then gave them the tools to communicate that understanding with impact. Success quickly saw the company working across the US, Europe, Israel, and beyond.

Chapter 2

the tai group

TAI was hired by a world-class consulting firm who wanted the company to turn their senior partners into world-class speakers. Applying the same methodology used with actors, TAI helped corporate people understand their identities as leaders and what they wanted to cause, giving them high impact communication skills to reach and mobilize a broad spectrum of audiences.  


To this day, that world-class consulting firm remains a key client and the TAI team have gone on to design human interaction solutions that are supporting an ever-increasing number of individuals, teams and brands successfully navigate a rapidly changing landscape of political, economic, sociocultural, and environmental conditions.

Chapter 3

the intent

Rooted in the belief true success comes from the boldness of stepping fully into who you are, rather than who you think you’re supposed to be — we focus on practical change, providing both immediate and long-lasting impact. Our intent, to unify an enterprise by enhancing human interaction and elevate the individuals and teams to higher degrees of motivation, performance, and conscious commitment, in the pursuit of co-creating greater value for all stakeholders.