Corporations want more from their human beings.
Human beings want more from being human.

All too often the headlines align wrongful actions with companies, creating a sense that the imbalance in our lives is the fault of corporations.

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Truth be told, pointing the finger at companies is convenient, for the fact is that corporations are the sum of all of the people who work in them, and each of us has agency, the capacity to make choices and enact those choices in the world. The issue of imbalance between the forces of corporate demands and human needs rests on the shoulders of us all.  


This moment calls for us to focus less on pointing the finger and more on our responsibility to set things right. What is required of each of us to create the corporation we desire? 


Yes, some of us have more influence than others, but situations can change when we exercise our agency. Ultimately, we each have a responsibility to lead where we are, to actively demonstrate the change we aspire to see, to walk our talk. Behind every harmful, unethical, or egoic behavior is a person who is operating as a fraction of themselves. When we connect head and heart, we act in congruence with our mandates and values. We live with greater empathy and are compelled to act for the greater good.  


The revolutionary impact of The TAI Group lies in co-creating solutions with leaders and teams of corporations that enhance individual and widespread human interaction, and in turn, balance the scales between the demands of corporations and the needs of human beings.  


For some leaders, this can initially sound like anarchy. Yet unless corporations free the superhero strengths of all of their people, stagnation, frustration, and inertia are inevitable. To thrive today, corporations need every one of us to step into our agency, to act from a strong sense of self rather than who we think others expect us to be. 


TAI excels in bringing forth the superhero strengths of individuals, aligning teams so many hearts and minds act as one, and supercharging corporations - building innovative, high-performing brands grounded in a conscious commitment to authenticity, and co-creating a better future for their teams, customers, and shareholders.

our highly personalized approach:

  • recognizes that every organization needs different things from their human beings and vice versa - one size does not fit all, and we tailor all of our solutions to your specific needs.

  • starts with investigating who's there, gaining an understanding of the human beings that make up a corporation, discovering each individuals superhero strengths.

  • demands a commitment to show up and fully engage in the process of balancing the scales, which takes courage and practice. 

  • creates agency - as much as we love this work, we don't want you to need us forever. Our goal is to give you the skills you need to be able to continue this powerful work with a sense of expertise and empowerment.

Work becomes a safe & dynamic space:

  • enabling individuals to make their own free choices, to have agency.

  • that nurtures conscious commitment to being not a fraction of but a whole human being.

  • not only of the present, but of presence.

  • creating an experience of gaining more from being human.

corporations gain human beings:

  • that tap into a common understanding that is honest, one that ignites their passion and lays the foundation for a high-trust environment and a culture of collaboration.

  • who, through uncovering an unwavering purpose sourced from shared values and principles, establish meaning and motivation specific to them and their team.

  • with an enhanced ability to see, listen, investigate, and engage in empathetic interactions, setting the stage for increased co-creation, innovation, and productivity.

  • with a bias for action and conscious commitment to align vision, strategy, business models, policies, and communication, thereby ensuring their organization continuously walks the talk.

We're ready when you are to support you in getting your scales back in balance.

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