have you hit a wall?

—  Name, Title

Feel stuck?
out of balance?

We all hit times when our circumstances or relationships are so hard that we feel like we've been cast in the wrong part in some cosmic play.


We turn to friends and colleagues for their good advice. We scour social media and business books for tips and tricks to solve the problems.

We worry and perseverate and turn to Instagram and TikTok to distract us from our troubles. None of it helps.

What if you could uncover a set of guiding principles and mandates that helped you to understand the meaning and motivation under your every action, decision, and interaction in life?

We will help you to step fully into who you are, rather than who you've learned you are supposed to be. Cutting through labels, assumptions, and expectations.

with the help of a
tai coach

learn to lead where you are

Together, we will investigate what matters most; you will hear your own guidance about what you want to experience in your work and what you need around you to be fully present and activated.


Guided by your Essential Drivers, you will present yourself with integrity, authenticity, and natural confidence. You will develop resiliency and consistency, and have a bias for action.