Aligning around conscious commitment

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As the new leader, 360 results showed he had a dysfunctional team that suffered rivalries, turf wars and silos. The collective knowledge of the group was not being realized.


“My people were beleaguered by organizational and operational issues, resulting in complaints, lawsuits, defection of unhappy clients, and plummeting profitability. They did not see their role in the challenges we faced.”

with the help of tai

Together, Ulrich and TAI Advisors worked on discovering the meaning and motivation each leader brought to their work, the values and aspirations that aligned them. Revealing shared purpose opened new avenues for connection and co-creation.


“Personal and collective tensions abated when team members shared responsibility and accountability for creating new solutions. Territory walls came down as small attempts at collaboration yielded tangible results.”

Significantly more positive evaluations of senior leaders affirmed that Ulrich had his team back on the right track. They were mobilizing their employees and gaining traction.


“Leaders focused their energy on problems, not on comparison or competition with each other. As the team moved out of fear and into creativity, their people experienced a new clarity and stepped into their work with renewed vigor and purpose.”

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Measurable Results
The actions of Ulrich and his team, and what it caused in their people, yielded these results.

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to 77.0%

Trust and confidence in the senior team

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to 76.2%

Confidence in company’s strategy positioned for success

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to 79.0%

Company was changing favorably

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to 72.4%

Teamwork & Collaboration