I AM Powerful

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lead where you are

I am not suggesting that every woman should want to become a CEO, but I am suggesting that you can lead powerfully even without that title.


“Whatever your current role is, not only does it allow you to hone your thinking, it affords the practice you will need to enter a new realm of effectiveness and develop your abilities. And, if the time comes when you do want to become that CEO, you will have years of practice underneath you.”

COVID-19 has dealt a tough hand to millions of women as some have struggled to juggle childcare, managing a home life, and the demands of their jobs. Can you find your power in these myriad scenarios? You bet.


“The Third Dimension embraces all those qualities of women that are often ignored or undervalued in leadership: compassion, empathy, and courage to name a few.”

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The third Dimension

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A Private room

I am not someone who enjoys revealing too much in public to people I don’t know. That’s why I am setting up The Private Room. 


I want it to be by invitation only, a safe space to share ideas, confront challenging situations, and uncover vulnerabilities that get in the way of being effective. Safe is the operable word for me. If you’re interested, let me know and an invitation will arrive that lets you open the door and see for yourself.

Ellen Rievman is an international coach who connects women to their creativity and humanity by using concepts pulled from the performing arts. Through experiential work, discovery, and invitation, she helps individuals access and effectively deliver their belief in their own ideas.


Prior to her work as an international coach, Ellen spent twenty-four years as a prima ballerina at the Metropolitan Opera where she performed in more than 100 productions.


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