Enhancing Human Interaction
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Developing resilient, aware, high performing individuals


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Aligning, connecting, and motivating teams

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Grounding innovative and high-performing brands in conscious commitment

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She needed help finding ways to handle the dysfunction at work.


“The culture was snipy, competitive and isolating. I felt defeated every day. It was hard to remember that I’d once loved my work. I showed up and stayed out of the crossfire. I felt like I didn’t belong, and it was painful.”

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As the new leader, 360 results showed he had a dysfunctional team that suffered rivalries, turf wars and silos. The collective knowledge of the group was not being realized.


“My people were beleaguered by organizational and operational issues, resulting in complaints, lawsuits, defection of unhappy clients, and plummeting profitability. They did not see their role in the challenges we faced.”

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I Am

A platform designed to redefine the influence of women, to create a robust dialogue that women (and men) can enter. 


“I want this dialogue to be challenging, invitational, and filled with actionable ideas. I want these ideas to find traction, be implemented, and initiate change. Change for women and concurrently, if they are intrigued, change for men.”

THE CHAllenge of a fraction

Text about the Challenge of a Fraction

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A human interaction firm, designing

solutions that deliver significant human

and economic return on investment. 

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TAI’s proprietary platform, "Who’s There?" has been designed to unlock the transformative power of human energy, and enable companies to successfully navigate a rapidly changing landscape of political, economic,

socio-cultural, and environmental conditions.

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Far too many executives remain singularly focused on getting results and achieving objectives, without paying attention to the interpersonal and organizational dynamics that facilitate success in the long term. TAI’s process helped individuals see that we are all focused on similar goals, rooted in a shared and deeply held purpose. This work has been powerful internally but even more impactful externally.
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Keith Humphrey

VP, Student Affairs - California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo 

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