Learn to lead where you are

Meet Marian

She needed help finding ways to handle the dysfunction at work.


“The culture was snipy, competitive and isolating. I felt defeated every day. It was hard to remember that I’d once loved my work. I showed up and stayed out of the crossfire. I felt like I didn’t belong, and it was painful.”

With the help of her coach

By investigating with her Coach the things that mattered most, Marian uncovered the meaning and motivation that drives her and learned to bring to life how she best operates in the world.


“My way of working did not align with the culture of my workplace. I learned to listen to my intuition instead of everything else competing for my attention. I stepped into my courage and asked for what I wanted.”

With the help of her Coach, Marian learned how to wrap her arms around her power, to nurture it, to be bold and let it lead her to where she wanted to go.


“I’m no longer fearful of change because I have new insights and tools that keep me connected to the power of my own voice and vision. I am creating the life I want because I am clear about what it is.”

It WIll feel different to be bold