With Age Comes a New Sense of Worth

Updated: Jan 26

Those of us who are in or approaching our mid-life know that our ideas of family, friends, and work shift. Our expectations for others and ourselves transform. Wherever we are on this journey, we have stories to tell and wisdom, based on personal experience, to impart.

Knowing that 10,000 people are retiring every day in America alone, The TAI Group has been working for the last 18 months with a small cohort of thought leaders in the UK, Canada, and America who believe that age can bring new experiences, new work, new ways of giving back, new ideas, and new friends. Our core belief is that with age comes a new sense of worth.

The TAI Group is excited to support this wealth of talent as they navigate their transition, inviting them to investigate the ideal conditions of their new world and discover the things that drive them, that they are out to experience everywhere every day.

An Invitation

Mehbs Remtulla and Peter Heywood, founders of What’s neXT?, are dedicated to helping people navigate midlife.

The What’s neXT? Community is a digital ecosystem, connecting Transitioners with opportunities for work, giving back, and learning. Mehbs and Peter are inviting people from around the world to join them and share their lived experiences. We welcome you to join the TAI Alumni Network and participate in what will inevitably be an interesting and thought-provoking session moderated by Rick Wolfe, What’s neXT?! Senior Advisor and developer of a new model of facilitation based on traditional Kitchen Table Conversation.

To learn more and/or register, please click HERE.

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