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Updated: Jun 4

When you lead from who you are, and not from who you think you should be, the benefits are startling and abundant.

TAI was called in by an international consulting firm specializing in advising the owners of the world's leading family enterprises as they make difficult decisions during transitions. Their client, an emerging CEO, needed support navigating his role in a 70-year-old family business.

Building on the solid foundation laid by his grandfather and father, his desire was to continue the company’s profitable growth and to create a meaningful legacy in communities across the country, while making his own mark on the company. Following in the footsteps of a strong grandfather and a beloved father added a layer of complexity. How could our young client emerge as his own leader?

The solution focused on:

Exploring what is personally meaningful. The company had a clear statement of company values: Commitment to people; Commitment to investors and strategic partners; Commitment to quality and service; and Commitment to the highest standards. We started his TAI journey by exploring how he personally related to these values. We asked: Why are they meaningful to you? Why do they motivate you? What is the internal imperative that drives them? What else might this internal source create? Through this investigation, we uncovered what fuels his sense of worth and rightful place. We asked what he required to be able to easily play full out, with deep confidence and no hesitation.

Discovering his own style and character of leadership. As he began to articulate answers to these questions, awareness of his own character and style of leadership was revealed. He succinctly articulated his guiding principles into a Personal Leadership Platform.

Shifting the focus to engage stakeholders. The focus of his program then shifted outward, away from the inward investigation toward an exploration of his presence in the company and his ability to communicate effectively with others. Using his Personal Leadership Platform as his compass, he began to engage members of his family and other stakeholders to build alignment and foster collaboration.

Delivering the first milestone: his inaugural CEO speech. The first milestone of his tenure was the passing of the baton from father to son at a virtual company-wide town hall attended by 200+ employees. Using tools and techniques rooted in the performing arts, he practiced ways of creating and delivering content that was true to him, spoken in his own style with authority and gravitas. The combination of inner and outer work enabled him to embody the role of CEO in his own unique way. His stature grew in the eyes of others.

Beyond excited. The positive results of his inaugural CEO speech are encompassed in the feedback and comments he received:

“I felt so included. You make me proud to work here.”

“Hearing this speech gave me such a deep connection to the company.”

“A great leader needs to be a great person. You are both.”

“I am beyond excited. I have never been prouder to be a part of this company.”

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