Hit a Brick Wall?

Updated: Jan 26

Everything was moving along in the right direction when a passionate team lost their magic,

hitting a brick wall and plateaued growth.

One of our clients, a Fortune 500 international cloud data services and management company, approached us, sharing that they had reached a plateau in growth. They were committing to a restructuring and rebranding of their multi-national digital support team, with the intent of enhancing forward performance.

Critical to the success of the project was transforming their sales force from order-takers to solution-focused consultants. The company needed their technicians to become collaborators in creating solutions rather than sellers of products. They reached out to TAI with this question: “How do we translate the passion of our technicians into a language our clients can understand?”

We designed a two-part solution to help individuals discover their own unique leadership strengths while giving them the high-impact communication tools to connect and engage with customers and each other more effectively.

The solution focused on:

Uncovering individual leadership qualities.

Individuals had one-on-one exploratory sessions with a TAI Performance Coach, investigating questions such as:

  • What are the things you value?

  • Why are they meaningful to you?

  • How do they motivate you?

  • What fuels your sense of worth and rightful place?

  • What do you require to be able to easily play full out, with deep confidence and no hesitation?

Answers to these questions began to reveal an awareness of individual styles and character of leadership.

High Impact Communication Tools

In group workshops, with real time feedback from peers as well as TAI Performance Coaches,

individuals learned best practice communication tools, including how to:

  • Deliver clear and concise messages

  • Authentically listen and respond to external audiences

  • Infuse personal expression into business interactions beyond data points

  • Invite action as a response to their messages

Using all that they had learned about themselves through character analysis and role playing, team members were encouraged to look beyond how they usually interacted with each other and their clients. With continued support over the next six months, the results spoke for themselves:

83% reported Improved Business Development

67% reported More Negotiation Agility

67% reported Positive Client Feedback

83% reported Keener Sense of Executive Presence & Confidence

100% reported Positive Feedback from Peers, Team Members & Senior Leaders

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