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keitH humphrey

VP, Student Affairs - California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo 

"Far too many executives remain singularly focused on getting results and achieving objectives, without paying attention to the interpersonal and organizational dynamics that facilitate success in the long term. TAI’s process helped individuals see that we are all focused on similar goals, rooted in a shared and deeply held purpose. This work has been powerful internally but even more impactful externally."

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Dennis M. Loughran

Chief Financial Officer,

“My year with TAI has been one of the most rewarding educational and developmental experiences I have experienced as a business executive. The tools I have acquired and the concepts I have ‘just begun’ to master are essential to success on the job and in everyday life. My training with TAI was the best leadership development experience I have ever undertaken. So, if you’re looking for something that could really upgrade a management team, then looking in to what TAI has to offer would be well worth the conversation."

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Over 20 years ago, I had the privilege of going through a series of TAI coaching sessions. They brought out my stage presence, improvisational skills, and creativity, which I use every day as a consultant, public speaker, and team leader. I have since brought teams of mine to work with them for group workshops, and always see the impact in faster, more creative team work. Returning for a personal refresher a few months ago helped me polish a whole new approach to talking about my work and brought out new ideas for how to bring it to life. The TAI team is tough, direct, and a terrific partner who will challenge you to step out in front.

david edelman

Former Fortune 50 CMO and LinkedIn Influencer


amy rampoldt

Vice President, Human Resources - Time, Inc. 

"We hired TAI to facilitate communication workshops for high potential leaders at Time, Inc. Several participants said their experience was "life changing." The simplicity of The TAI Group’s ideas, coupled with the constructive way the feedback and coaching was delivered, produced great results for us."

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Rafael cerezo laporta

Former Fortune 50 CEO

"It is not about how you portray yourself in public, but about who you are, what your personal platforms can be, and how to best work with them in all aspects of your life. It is about giving you self-confidence to shed preconceptions/misconceptions and habits... I have seen it happen not just with me but with all my colleagues who have gone through the program."