The "Who's There?" Platform

The "Who's There?" Platform is the culmination of more than 30 years of practical experience in supporting leaders, teams, and companies, from startups to some of the largest global brands in the world, across a span of industries and six continents, by:


  • Developing resilient, aware, high performing leaders

  • Aligning, connecting, and motivating teams

  • Grounding innovative and high-performing brands in conscious commitment

Your engagement with TAI, customized to meet your goals, is a journey – one that explores your drivers, the impact you want to make, and the ability to communicate this impact to achieve tangible goals and significant return on investment.


You can follow this journey in the “Who’s There?” Platform:

The journey begins with understanding where you want to go. From there, the direction is set, but to get there, we need to understand who’s there right now.


We compel you to see the impact you have on those around you. What do you want to cause in them?  What do you experience when you are successful? And what do you experience when you miss the mark? How do your behaviors, actions, and character enhance or detract from your intentions? 


This exploration results in powerful clarity, and it offers you a choice.

What are you willing to do to strengthen your impact and achieve new levels of growth and fulfillment? That is the question!


Courage moves you into action. Only you can give yourself permission to create new directions, to influence the culture around you, and to invite others into a new way of working, with integrity to a shared vision. These are the elements of creating lasting change.


Are you ready?

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