The platform

Who’s There? enables TAI to design solutions for individuals, teams, and brands that deliver significant human and economic return on investment. 


This is enhancing human interaction - individuals elevating themselves to higher levels of motivation, performance, and conscious commitment, enabling them to co-create a better future for their teams, customers, and shareholders.

The Laboratory

Who’s There? creates a safe, action-based learning laboratory for people to enhance their awareness, confidence, and impact by practicing the skills to successfully improvise and create in the moment.


This is enhancing human interaction - practice, practice, practice is how individuals learn to face issues and challenges head on with no evasion, driven by their values and self awareness, and using razor-sharp communication to navigate the complexities.

the experience

Who’s There? is deeply rooted in 30 years of partnerships with leaders and teams of startups to some of the largest global brands in the world, across a span of industries and six continents.


This is enhancing human interaction - creating and accelerating subconscious memory (“muscle memory”) development through learning and practicing, our clients create more impact with less effort, less mental energy. They work smarter and see the results of their actions faster.